Timeshare Accommodation

Timeshare refers to a form of holiday ownership. You would own the right, either directly or through a ‘club’ to use an apartment or villa on a holiday resort for a week or longer for many years or in perpetuity. There are millions of families worldwide who own timeshare rentals, and you would find most of them well satisfied with their ownership. Timeshare accommodation is self catering and is available in apartments, villas, or lodges.

Timeshare accommodation has a number of attributes that make it superior to almost all kinds of hotel accommodations, and puts it on par with the ownership of a holiday home, minus the cost and hassles. Timeshare accommodation is usually of a higher standard than hotel or rented accommodation. You would find that most timeshare resorts have extensive leisure facilities, which are generally free to use.

Accommodation ranges from a modest single bedroom to luxurious apartments and villas with multiple bedrooms, lounge, dining, and more.  Timeshare offers higher standards of accommodation and may even provide better and long-term value for money. In comparison to hotels, timeshare accommodation is more spacious and self contained for a whole family. Being well-equipped and well-furnished to a high standard, timeshare accommodation assures a memorable holidaying experience. Almost all timeshare resorts have extensive, free to use leisure facilities.

Earlier, the only way for holidaymakers to enjoy the benefits of timeshare accommodation was to purchase a ‘right of ownership’. But a number of changes in the industry over the last few years mean that timeshare accommodation is now available via a wide range of options. Timeshare vacation is indeed one of the best ways to enjoy your holidays to the maximum.

When you get tired of timeshares, you could easily sell your rights to someone else. Most timeshare owners make use of the exchange system that provides a large choice of timeshare accommodation in all the popular destinations worldwide to swap to. With this system, you could rest assured with the knowledge that the place you are going to is of similar standard to that which you own.

All options for timeshare accommodation are available from a wide variety of sources, mostly including resale brokers. Timeshare brokers could help you get good value for your money. A reputed and reliable timeshare holiday ownership broker in Australia having extensive experience in the timeshare market is Royale Timeshare Resales (RTR). You may visit the site www.royaletimeshare.com.au to know more about the company.