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20,000 M'ship
20,000 Available +
7,000 Bkg
May Anniversary
$8,400 (.42c ea)
Ref #11719D
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Australian $'s
We have the best variety of memberships available.We have ALL anniversary months for saleThere are many membership sizes availablePlease feel free to ask us for your special requirements

Various - pls askMay/Jul/Sep/Nov$2,640 = .44c
Special price
6,00012,000Most months$3,000 = .50c
7,000From 7,000 to
Most months$3,500 = .50c#11545
8,000 16,000 Apr$4,240 = .53c#11381WH
10,00020,000All months$4,800 = .48c
12,000From 12,000 -
June & Sept
$5,760 = .48cVarious
15,00030,000Jun/Jul/Aug$6,900 = .46c#11751C
16,00032,000Mar or Nov$7,200 = .45c#11568CL
18,00030,000Dec$9,000 = .50c#11927D
20,00040,000Various$10,000 = .50c#11617P
22,00044,000Apr/Sep/Oct$9,900 = .45c#11485B+
25,00047,000Apr$12,500 = .50c#11919H
30,00060,000Oct$15,000 = .50c#11559R
Oct/Nov/Dec$15,750 = .45c
70,000Sep$17,300 = .43c#12011F
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Now’s the time to grab a bargain!  Get out there and enjoy some amazing experiences and special times with those you cherish most.

No pressure selling … refreshing!  Obligation free information willingly provided.

Call it what you like … Wyndham, Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Worldmark South Pacific Club, Club Wyndham South Pacific … some still revert back to the old days and call it Trendwest!  It all equates to the same thing … holidays and exciting getaways for you. Short breaks, long breaks and even an overnight stay will be all it takes to rejuvenate after staying at a Club Wyndham South Pacific quality resort.  You can book for various seasons;  Red, White or Blue season. A guaranteed holiday every year and quality time with your family is one of the many benefits you will receive as a Wyndham Club Member. Many resort options available to you.

Club Wyndham South Pacific existing owners and those new to the concept are flooding to Royale Timeshare Resales because of their fantastic low prices. People are now seeing fantastic value in pre-loved purchases of Wyndham timeshare credits. They are loving spending time on their regular holidays every year at Wyndham Denarau Island Fiji. It only takes 10,000 credits for one week in a one bedroom unit (sleeps 4) at Denarau and only 12,000 credits for one week in a two bedroom unit (sleeps 6) at Denarau.

If you want to save some credits and go on an exchange holiday for seven nights through Dial an Exchange (DAE) the following rates apply:

4,000 credits – studio sleep 2
5,000 credits – 1 b.r. sleep 4
6,000 credits – 2 b.r. sleep 6
7,000 credits – 3 b.r. sleep 8

Royale Timeshare Resales will tell you all about it!

Clients have said resale is the way to go because you save so much money. Not only can you spend time at 30 Wyndham Resorts in the Pacific Region (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand and Hawaii), you can go on international holidays every year with a choice of more than 4,500 resorts worldwide through the exchange companies RCI, DAE & I.I.  This is a very cost effective way to holiday overseas every year using your timeshare credits.

“We found Royale Timeshare Resales the best – no pressure sales – just fantastic honest and helpful information to assist us when making our resale purchase decision. Now we found them, we will only ever buy preloved timeshare. We tell our friends that if they want to have a chat about Wyndham to call Royale Timeshare Resales. They are simply the best and don’t pressure you”.

Royale Timeshare Resales are highly respected in the industry and hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL No 258 420) to safely purchase your second hand Wyndham timeshare credits. Getting your preloved Wyndham credits thru them is the only way to go. They even give you a guaranteed 10 business day cooling off period.

Royale Timeshare Resales staff have worked in the industry for over 30 years so they sure know the timeshare industry and will help to get you started with your ownership of Club Wyndham South Pacific.

If you are thinking of buying some Wyndham credits – think first about contacting Royale Timeshare Resales for obligation free information.

Check out the Wyndham for sale listings above or  phone 07 5563 4731.  No pressure sales here!

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