If you think you know everything you need to know about timeshare, think again. Timeshare has changed and been reinvented to fit into people’s lifestyles, offering flexibility and giving timeshare owners the ability to travel regularly at an affordable price. Although timeshare has been around since the 1960’s, it has changed dramatically since then. Over the years, timeshare resort developers have been listening to feedback from timeshare owners and realised the need for change. The days of having a week or two at the same timeshare resort every year have gone. Timeshare has changed to meet families’ needs and their desire to travel to different destinations. Modern Timeshare has evolved over the years to create an attractive option for families, enabling them to travel and enjoy a variety of holidays all over the world at an affordable price.

Old fashioned timeshare

Timeshare has developed a poor reputation in the past due to its dubious, high pressure sales tactics and inflexible holiday packages. “Old fashioned’ Timeshare was very inflexible and consisted of fixed weeks, at a fixed location at the same time each year. This was not an ideal system and so the need for change was identified and timeshare began to evolve into a better, more attractive option. Click here to read our blog about the evolution of timeshare.

Modern timeshare

Modern timeshare consists of flexible plans that allow owners to visit properties in the Pacific Region and around the world that are affiliated with the brand such as Wyndham or Accor hotels membership. Most of the modern timeshare plans allow you to buy points which you can use at one or more resorts within the brand. The location of the resort, length of stay and size of the unit will all depend on the number of points that are purchased.

Timeshare exchange companies

Then there are the timeshare exchange companies, which allow you to temporarily exchange your timeshare, allowing you even more flexibility for your travels. The two main timeshare companies that Royale Timeshare Resales work with are DAE (Dial an Exchange Timeshare) and RCI. Click here to read our blog about timeshare exchange companies.

Timeshare has come a long way since the first resort was developed in the 1960’s. It is now a highly successful industry that provides millions of families with great holidays year round. As the needs and desires of people have changed over the years, so has the industry, making it a popular option for many modern families.

Royale Timeshare Resales offers an affordable way to enter the innovative timeshare market. A timeshare resale is a secondhand timeshare. Sometimes people purchase timeshare and then find that after a few years they no longer use or need it and so sell it for a fraction of the purchase price. At Royale Timeshare Resales, we do all the hard work for them. We offer a wide selection of beautiful resort accommodation timeshares at highly competitive prices.  We are passionate about the timeshare industry and will educate you on the benefits of modern timeshare. Contact us today to find out more ph 07 5563 4731 or email info@royaletimeshare.com.au